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How we do it

Our Process of Logo designing.

Step 1

Understanding your brand.

Understanding your brand is the initial stage in creating your logo. Prior to launching Canva or initiating a draft, it’s crucial to identify your brand’s narrative and the specific principles and emotions you wish to encapsulate within your logo.

This method involves delving into your target market, your consumer personas, and above all, the feeling you desire people to experience upon seeing your logo.

Condensing your brand’s story into a logo can be a complex task and you should anticipate some missteps along the journey. Don’t hesitate to experiment and investigate while formulating a logo that aligns with your brand.

Step 2

Brainstorm words that describe your brand.

In constructing your emblem, we aim for it to be more than aesthetically pleasing. We desire for it to narrate the tale of your brand. How do we achieve this? By initiating a brainstorming session. We assemble, exchanging a plethora of words and concepts. Our objective? To identify those that truly embody the core of your brand’s identity.

Consider your brand as a jigsaw, and these words act as the precise pieces that unite to expose the larger image. Our goal is to discover around five to ten of these critical terms. Once we possess them, they serve as our compass. They assist us in maintaining focus as we breathe life into your logo.

Step 3

Let's start by creating some sketches.

Our first step entails drafting preliminary sketches, allowing the key themes and brand story to guide the initial logo designs. It’s essential to remember that these are simply early prototypes, aimed at turning your ideas into something concrete.

During the process of creating your logo, we maintain simplicity. As a rule, we restrict our color palette to a maximum of three colors. We draw our color choices from both current trending colors and popular ones in your industry.

Eventually, we choose a distinct color combination that allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Step 4

Choose a sketch and refine it for Logo designing.

In the complex realm of logo creation, choosing a draft is the start of an in-depth artistic voyage. Every line, arc, and shade is carefully scrutinized, carrying the ambitions of the brand’s image. Similar to an uncut diamond, the selected draft goes through an extensive refining stage. Details are meticulously chiseled to ensure that the logo aligns seamlessly with the essence of the brand. Additionally, its versatility on various digital platforms, ranging from web banners to mobile app icons, is taken into account. Ultimately, through the blend of inventiveness and strategic foresight, a polished logo arises as the symbolic torchbearer of a brand’s persona.

Step 5

Selecting colors for Logo designing.

When we’re designing a logo, it’s not just about picking colors that look nice together. Each color actually has its own meaning and can evoke different emotions in people. For example, blue might make people feel calm and trustworthy, while red might make them feel excited or passionate. So, it’s important to think about what message you want your logo to send and how you want people to feel when they see it.

Ultimately, the colors you choose for your logo will help to shape people’s perception of your brand. Whether you go for bold and attention-grabbing colors or more subtle shades, the goal is to create a logo that not only looks good but also accurately represents your brand’s identity and values.

Step 6

Selecting fonts for Logo designing.

Choosing the right typeface is a critical step when creating a logo. Just like colors, fonts can convey slight differences in meaning, adding depth to the brand’s overall message. It’s imperative to select a font that mirrors the brand’s identity and core beliefs. Whether you decide on a contemporary and smooth sans-serif typeface or a traditional and sophisticated serif, each has distinct attributes.

Practical aspects must also be considered, ensuring that the selected fonts are readable and adaptable across different platforms, from webpage titles to mobile app interfaces. In the end, the chosen typefaces significantly influence the brand’s visual representation, leaving a memorable imprint on its viewers.

Step 7

Feedback and Iteration for Logo designing.

Continuous evaluation and repetition are crucial for achieving excellence. Input serves as a beacon, directing creators towards conformity with brand goals and consumer inclinations.

This encourages teamwork and fine-tuning, guaranteeing that the emblem accurately embodies the brand’s core. Repetition propels advancement, offering opportunities for changes and improvements to be progressively implemented. In this recursive process, the emblem matures, becoming increasingly polished and influential with each cycle. 

Furthermore, evaluation and repetition transcend visual appeal and factor in functionality, assuring that the emblem is adaptable and efficient across different web and application platforms.

Step 8

Finalizing the Design for Logo.

When you’re finalizing the design for your logo, you’re essentially putting the last pieces of the puzzle together. It’s the stage where every aspect of the logo, from the colors to the shapes, is meticulously reviewed and refined to ensure it accurately reflects your brand’s identity and values. Think of it as adding the final brushstrokes to a masterpiece.

At this point, it’s not just about making the logo look visually appealing; it’s also about ensuring its practicality. It should  work seamlessly across different platforms, whether it’s on your website, mobile application, or printed materials. So, finalizing the design involves testing its adaptability and ensuring it remains impactful in various contexts.

Ultimately, the logo truly comes to life, ready to leave a lasting impression on your audience and represent your brand with pride.

Step 9

Presentation and Approval for the Logo Design

During the entire logo designing journey, the presentation and approval stage is a pivotal moment. It’s akin to revealing a work of art to a group of critics for their assessment. This is where we showcase the logo we’ve meticulously crafted to everyone involved in the project, seeking their opinions and feedback. Their insights are invaluable as they provide fresh perspectives and identify any areas for improvement.

Based on their feedback, we make any necessary refinements to ensure the logo aligns perfectly with the brand’s identity and objectives. Once everyone is satisfied and gives their approval, it’s a signal that the logo is ready to take on its role as the visual representation of the brand. From there, it’s onwards to integrating the logo across websites, applications, and other platforms, solidifying its position as the brand’s emblem.

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